DCSA’s role in the digital transformation of container shipping

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) was established to be the collective voice of the container shipping industry, driving digital transformation through collaboration and widespread adoption of modern standards-based technologies.

But what does it take to digitally transform an entire industry? And will the rewards be worth the effort?

To answer these questions, this ebook examines the work IATA (International Air Transport Association) did to help successfully transform the airline industry and compares it to DCSA’s drive towards digitalisation of container shipping.

A case study in the rewards of digital change

In its role as a standards body, IATA’s efforts reduced operational costs for the airline industry by billions of dollars and revolutionised the customer experience for airline passengers worldwide:

Airline Industry savings: Container Shipping savings:

US$3bn in one year with e-tickets

US$100m per year with e-Air Waybills

Potential of US$4bn per year with e-bill of lading (eBL) at 50% adoption rate

Download the ebook to learn how DCSA is bringing the same level of transformation to container shipping. Discover:

  • What needs to be done to digitally transform container shipping
  • Why standards, as well as neutrality, are central to the process
  • What progress DCSA has already made to promote standards adoption
  • How you can help make this transformation happen

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