Streamlining international trade by digitalising end-to-end documentation

Antiquated, paper-based processes are still a daily reality in international shipping. In 2020, DCSA estimated that 16 million original bills of lading were issued by ocean carriers, yet less than 0.3% were electronic. Paper B/Ls cost the industry about US$11 billion per year.

Paper-based documents are not only expensive, they are inefficient and vulnerable to fraud and human error. As a consequence, they slow down trade and hamper growth and innovation, increasing prices and exacerbating supply chain bottlenecks.

Benefits of digitalising documentation

  • Eliminate tons of paper from the environment
  • Eliminate manual B/L processing
  • Increase efficiency and visibility

The need for digital documentation is now widely accepted among industry stakeholders. So:

  • Why are billions still being wasted on paper?
  • How can digital documentation benefit your organisation?
  • How can you help DCSA make paperless international trade a reality?

In this e-book, Digital Container Shipping Association explains why it’s finally possible to achieve end-to-end digital documentation and what’s being done to make it happen. Find out how you can become part of the next great paradigm shift in the container shipping industry. Download the e-book now!

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